Connectors and Push Buttons

Single discrete elements like batteries or displays are normally not sufficient for a printed electronics product.

prelonic aims also complex combinations of more than one element. Only the full integration in functionality, design and production will offer all advantages of printed electronics. To integrate elements to a complex product needs wiring. In printed electronics wiring is also done by printing. Printed conductors are part of every printed electronics product.

To connect elements in a module and to actuate modules, different additional elements are necessary. Connectors are used to "printegrate" elements.

Different conductive parts are used in printed electronic modules. Many of them could be printed in one printing step. Connectors and push buttons are printed together with electrodes and antennas.

Also through-holes through the substrate can be overprinted and connect from one side of the substrate to the other.

Push buttons could be designed in many shapes and functions. One-to-one switches, 1:n and n:m are possible. Also switches connecting from one side to the other side of a laminate.

Connecting, resistive and capacitive switches could be printed.