Hybrid Technology

The performance of classic electronic elements, e.g. silicon chips, is incredibly high. Printed electronics cannot achieve this level within the next years.

For many applications high functional complexity is required. It will force us to combine printed electronics with conventional elements, which provide the performance.

prelonic offers a special approach to this hybrid technology:

  • only one printed module

  • one silicon element (best case)

  • combined via a very simple interface. Simple in printing but also a simple assembling process

prelonic offers process routes for all three technologies to combine conductive printed paper, cardboard or PET substrates with silicon chips and SMD elements. Circuitry design, print design, prototyping, low and mid volume products can be supplied by prelonic. Lab assembly and professional pick and place assembly (up to 13,000 cph) can be done in the prelonic lab. Diverse chip packagings (QFN, SOT etc.) and components down to 0402 can be assembled.